Young Henrys Natural Lager

Ok, so we know that this is not technically a hard-to-get beer but it is such a cracker that we just knew it had to make an appearance. Unlike the ridiculously flawless clarity of the big commercial lagers, Young Henry’s is unfiltered and pours a beautiful hazy golden. The trend for unfiltered beer is not without controversy but if you’re yet to be convinced that a lager should be anything but champagne clear, then this might just be the beer to convert you. Crafted with three varieties of noble Australian hops (noble hops are distinguished not by being posh, but by their low alpha acids and very fine aromas and flavours – it makes them ideal for low ABV, crisp lagers like this one), the Natural Lager has a subtle citrus aroma and a light zing of hops on the palate, which is sure to make it one of your go-to summer quenchers. 

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