Widmer Brothers Hefe

USA | Hefeweizen | 4.9%

Hefeweizen is a beer style hailing from Bavaria. Traditionally the style involves replacing most of the usual malted barley base with malted wheat and using specialised wheat strains to create distinctive flavours like clove and banana. The Widmer Brothers hail from Portland, Oregon and have been brewing their own take on the Hefeweizen style for many years. Less spicy than the European version with just the faintest hint of that clove and banana dynamic, the Hefe still has that beautifully cloudy honeycomb coloured pour that we associate with a wheat beer. Citrus on the nose but not overwhelmingly so, and a balanced orange citrus in the taste, this is a beautifully refreshing and easy to drink beer. It has a relatively low IBU but there’s a deliciously tangy hop bite at the end which will keep you hopsters happy. Popular as a summer style in the US, it goes down just as well with a winter BBQ. People will sometimes add a little citrus peel or a slice of lemon or orange to this style of beer. You can give that at try if you like, but we think it’s best enjoyed straight up so you can really relish the citrus flavour already present in the beer.

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