Victory Moonglow Weizenbock

We are enjoying the autumnal chill in the air because it means we can start including beauties like this delicious traditional Bavarian weizenbock in our boxes. A what?! you may ask. Well, a weizenbock is a wheat based ale that originated in Southern Germany. Its defining feature is that at least 50% of the grist must be malted wheat, and the rest is Pilsner malts. The flavours of clove and banana are a distinctive trait and are created by the natural esters and phenols that the yeast produced during fermentation. You can smell them in the aroma as you pour this outstanding example of the style. Dark amber in colour with a dense frothy head, there is enough spice, dark fruit, and caramel in the mix to conjure images of the best fruit cake you’ve ever had. The hop bitterness is mild but welcome and the warmth of the alcohol makes this one to enjoy on a crisp evening under the stars with an excellent stew and some good company.

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