Stone Arrogant Bastard

But if anyone can do it.... it’s this Arrogant Bastard. “You’re not worthy” says the label, and it may well be right or maybe it’s just throwing down the gauntlet. It’s pretty intimidating from the get go – all dark, clear mahogany with a creamy, tan head that shows off by sticking around oh-so casually. The aroma is confidently hoppy and there’s elegance in the cedar, molasses, and dark fruits there too. Like its wilder brother above, there’s a delicious resiny pine hit in the flavour and the sweet malt and caramelised brown sugar tastes eventually give way to a dry, bitter hop finish. They’re not gone entirely though, leaving a sweet stickiness on the lips. This is deep, beautifully executed strong ale and you’d be right to feel pretty damn pleased with yourself for selecting it. You may still not be worthy, but you’re at least sitting at the same bar

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