The aroma on the Tiger is something to be savoured as much as the taste. Large amounts of whole East Kent Goldings hops are added to the dry hop in the conditioning tanks so that you get a nose full of them before every sip. Pouring a deep amber, with a creamy off-white head, the big citrus and piney aroma is followed up by a robust hop bitterness in the flavour. There’s no doubting that this Tiger is an IPA – snappy and snarly and spicy with all three of those different hop strains and six other hop additions along the way – but the malt is a major feature also. Where the hops lunge and pounce, the malt comes forward with a stealthy stride, so that you get a beautifully balanced beer with a toasted caramel malt backbone and a lingering bitterness. Grrr.

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