Redhook ESB

This much loved American style amber ESB has been brewed by Redhook for many years now and has a solid reputation as a consistently class act. Redhook have brewed their ale in the style of the classic English ESB and you might remember from previous tasting notes that, despite the name, an ESB is less about hopped up bitterness and more about balance and elegant restraint. Redhook certainly do a beautiful job of both those things with the toasted caramel and carapils malts nicely balanced by a variety of lively American hops. Full-bodied with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel, the sweetness of the malt and the cheeky swipe of fruity hops don’t seem to battle for position so much as dance together on your palate.

When you read the reviews for this brew, it sounds like people are talking about an old friend – someone they turn to for reliably excellent company. We reckon that if this beer were a mate it would be one that delivers good laughs, just enough depth to cover the big issues, entertaining anecdotes, and an affectionate loyalty.

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