Red Hill / Bright Brewery Bright Red

This collaboration came about as part of Red Hill Brewery’s Red Project celebrating 10 years in the brew biz. This was the 6th (and we think the best) beer produced to mark the anniversary and it was created in cahoots with the folks at the Bright Brewery. The story goes that the brewers hatched the plan for this beauty on the slopes of Mount Hotham while exchanging stories of daring do about skiing and bike riding down slopes really, really fast. And drinking a great brew at the end. They reckon it’s a “strong brew for real mountain men”. We agree about the strong brew bit but we’re not so sure about the “mountain men” bit. For two reasons: first, it’s an terrific beer and should be drunk far and wide; second, are mountain men really into hibiscus flowers? Because that is the signature ingredient here. All that aside, what you get here from our two Alpine adventure-loving brewers is a brew that pours a deep raspberry red and even produces a slightly pink-tinged froth. The nose is as delightfully floral as you’d imagine with the hibiscus flowers and there’s cherry and herbs in there too. The sweetness carries through to the flavour and, at 7%, this is one to sip and savour. A smooth but tart bitterness rounds it off. We hadn’t done any black runs before trying this but I don’t think it made any difference to how much we enjoyed it - which was an awful lot.

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