Prickly Moses Red Ale

From the full hop offensive of the IPA above, to the deliciously sweet malty, nutty, toasted flavours of this medium bodied ale, is quite a journey. But we reckon you’ll like making it. An Irish red like this one traditionally features a strong malt character and here it is beautifully balanced by a dry finish thanks to the presence of roasted barley, and a low hop bitterness thanks to Kent Golding hops. If your IPA is for the beachside BBQ and associated shenanigans, then this one is for back at the campsite when things get cosy and everyone is staring intently into the flames and hoping someone brought marshmellows to toast. Slightly woody, slightly earthy, pleasantly grainy, pouring a coppery red with a creamy, off-white head, and going down easy and smooth, this is definitely one of our favourites from the Otway crew’s repertoire.

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