Prickly Moses Otway Ale

The deep copper colour of this ale and its delicious caramel aroma and flavours are due to the use of crystal malts. Unlike pale malts, crystal malts are stewed after the steeping and germinating process. Then they are kilned and this dries the grain, darkens the husk and caramelises some of the sugar inside. That caramel hit is accompanied by a light citrus aroma and the mix of dark flavours (caramel, toffee, toast) with lighter flavours (spice, fruits, pine) makes for a beautifully appetizing beer that has a rich mouthfeel and a medium carbonation. You’ll dig the way those talented folks at Prickly Moses have balanced the all malt backbone with traditional English hops to create an outstanding Aussie take on a British classic. Add a snooker table or two, a light drizzle, and some Oasis on the jukebox, and you could be in your favourite English pub. Or you could just head down to the beach and soak up an Aussie summer with this one – that’s where you’ll find us!

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