Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA

India Pale Ale  |  USA  |  4.9%

The team at Oskar Blues wanted to make a seriously tasty IPA that was packed full of malt and hop aroma and flavour but that was still sessionable. Some beer nerds will say “sessionable” is a dirty word. To them we say “ha! Pass us another” because IPAs don’t come much more enjoyably drinkable that this canned gem and if that makes it dirty, then we don’t wanna be clean. Start by soaking up all that pineapple and citrus in the aroma and then go for a hit of flavour – pine and resin with stacks more of those tropical fruit hop tastes. The malt profile is satisfyingly biscuity and toasty but it doesn’t hang around too long whereas all that delicious hop bitterness is the last to leave the party. Pouring a brilliant gold with a medium head and carbonation that is right on the money, you’ll be throwing back your second Throwback before you know it and ain’t no beer geek going to stop you.
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