Naparbier Napar Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale      
Nationality: Spain
Alcohol Content: 4.4%

Such a scary-ass label for such a lovely brew! But go figure – beer label art is a world unto its self. Just don’t let the mohawked skeleton make you think you’re in for something out of a horror movie. Far from it. The Napa pours as golden as a sunny day by the Spanish seaside with a little white froth and lacing creeping up the sand. Pine, fresh cut grass and plenty of citrus – including lemon, orange, tangerine – in the aroma keeps that sunny day coming. As fresh and lemony in flavour as it is on the nose, this zesty, juicy, sprightly ale has a solid malt structure against which all that hoppy goodness really comes out punching. It is a delightfully sessionable brew and we are stoked that it’s our very first Spanish beer to be included in our beer boxes.

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