Mornington Peninsula Russel Brown

Nationality - Australia | ABV - 6.8% | Style - Belgian Brown Ale

The Russel Brown serves up an aroma of raisins, caramel, stewed fruit, spice and chocolate, delivers plenty of cocoa and toffee malts, and then gives you the old one- two with a whole bunch of hops and a dry, roasted finish. This is a dry-hopped brew so you’d expect plenty on the nose but in this case they don’t really hit until you’ve got really stuck into your first sips. Like our friend the Imperial Stout, tasting notes for this one read like a dessert menu and yet, just like the Stout, there’s enough hop bitterness in the mix to keep it all from being too dark and sticky. Don’t drink this on the run – take your time and really enjoy all the layers that the Mornington Peninsula team have put into this premium brown ale.
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