Mornington Peninsula Continuous Daryl 8.3%

Australia | Imperial India Pale Ale | 8.5%

The Daryl is a collaboration brew created by Alex Summers (owner of Melbourne’s Alehouse Project) and one of his favourite breweries, Mornington Peninsula. Continuous hopping i.e. the constant and regular addition of hops to the boil, is a method made famous by American brewer Dogfish. Here, Amarillo hops are the star of show and have been continuously added to the boil over the course of an hour. The result is a brew that pours dark but clear amber with a medium white head and a pungent aroma of pine and caramel. With mango, passionfruit and pine in the flavour and a full syrupy body, the malt sweetness is cut through with loads of fruity hop bitterness and a little herb and spice in the aftertaste. Daryl by name; sophisticated and very delicious by nature.

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