Moor Beer Company JJJ Imperial IPA

India Pale Ale  |  9%  |  UK

This is a big beer in every way – potent aromas, massive flavours, high ABV, full body and velvety mouthfeel. And no wonder – the quantity of hops used in this beer is next level. Expect full fruity aromas straight up and a big hit of fruity, and citric flavours. There is a good biscuity, caramel malt balance and a little dry, earthy pine to even out all that fruit abundance. The body is syrupy and has been likened to a barley wine – but it isn’t overly sweet. The hop presence takes care of that. With a 9.5% ABV you’ll want to savour this one and go real easy on your second one. Any more after that is all on you!
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