Moa Methode Pilsner

NZ | Pilsner | 5%

Pouring a soft, hazy yellow, the first thing that makes an impact is the big, white, rocky head of foam that leaves rich lacing all the way down. Then you’ll see the rush of bubbles that stream up to the surface just like they do in a flute of champagne. This is thanks to the bottle fermentation and conditioning which gives a consistent and natural carbonation. Champagne yeast is actually used in the secondary fermentation and gives this deliciously crisp lager a spicy character and a refreshing dryness along with the light sediment you’ll find remains. While the froth settles, enjoy the fruity and floral aroma with elements of fresh cut grass, hay and bread. While you’ll taste a hint of sweetness in the wheat and malt mix, this is really a tart, spicy, dry sensation of a beer. If Moa keeps producing Pilsners like this, then the competition better start seriously stepping up. As a warm afternoon sessionable or a chilly night’s sipper, this is a beauty in every sense.
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