Lost Coast Brewery Downtown Brown

USA | English Brown Ale | 5%

The Downtown Brown is as dark as a porter or a stout but with a lightness all of its own which makes it a very enjoyable session ale. The nutty, slightly sweet roasted malt aroma is a pleasure to inhale and the taste has all the delicious caramel, toffee, grainy, nutty richness that you’d expect from a beer this colour but without the heaviness that often goes with it. A cheerful hop tartness cuts through the smooth, creamy mouthfeel and lingers just long enough for you to enjoy the contrast and really savour the return of those sweet malt flavours on your next sip. The Downtown Brown will keep you cosy on crisp days and chilly nights so drink up by the fire, enjoy with a winter roast, or save for a sticky date and caramel dessert.

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