Left Coast Hop Juice

USA | Double IPA | 9.70%

Let’s get hopped up!!! This is a serious beer. If you do not know what you are doing then put the beer down and back away from the fridge. This “Hop Monster” uses a blend of Crystal and 2 Row malts with 5 different hop varieties. It is then dry hopped in the fermenter for 2 weeks. Sounds pretty hoppy to me.

The Hop Juice pours a cloudy orange with medium carbonation. A great floral nose with burnt toast and caramel coming through. It has heaps of body and fullness as you would expect from a beer that is 9.7% ABV. What surprises you is that this double IPA actually carries a heap of malt flavours. Its quite nutty with hints of burnt toast. Then the floral, citrus and pawpaw come storming through and you remember what you are drinking. Enjoy this IIPA with you Christmas seafood… if you can wait until them.
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