Kaiju Robo Hop Golden IPA

Australia | India Pale Ale | 5.7%

Pouring a lovely honey colour with a dense white head, the aroma is packed full of tropical fruit – lychee, peach, pineapple, passionfruit – along with a hit of that classic west coast style pine, grass and citrus. The flavours combine all of those with a honied, biscuit malt backing. The addition of wheat malt gives a slightly spicy, crisp character and the hops positively dance on the palate - tingly and dry before giving way to a long resinous finish. As with the two beers above, but in a distinctively IPA style, the Robohop is hop forward with a strong malt backbone. The malt flavours have their own integrity but also serve to let the hops shine. This balance can only be achieved with a light hand and deft touch and the trio at Kaiju are all over it. Kaiju means “strange creature” in Japanese. We’re not sure if the Robohop is strange, but we are sure that it’s awesome.
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