Jopen Doubting Thomas

Netherlands | American Strong Ale | 10%

This is a serious winter warmer. Deep, dark and mysterious, the Doubting Thomas pours rich, reddish black with an ivory head that dissolves into bands of lace. Dried fruit, citrus, and caramel in the aroma give way to a full-bodied, rich, molasses, caramel and toasted malt flavour with an emphatic and lingering hop bitterness which, together with the medium carbonation, cuts through the caramel malt sweetness. You might find it hard to believe it has an ABV of 10% - it carries the alcohol so beautifully. But one glass in and you’ll probably start believing just about anything you’re told. Sip this one sitting by the fire. And if you’ve got any remaining doubts about whether to go the upgrade, you needn’t take our word for it – just ask the experts on the panel at the World Beer Awards who decided it was the best dark ale going. Two years running.

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