Hop Nation The Damned Pilsner

Pilsner | Australia | 4.8%

Harking back to the origins of the Pilsner style in Bohemia, The Damned has a vampire-esque goth edge to it. Think Gary Oldman as Dracular rather than those anaemic Twlight vampire-wannabes. Brewed with Riwaka and Motueka hops from New Zealand with aromas of tangy citrus and earthy, woody hops, get your fangs into the frothy white head then load up on more of that big citrus hop profile. There’s a classic pilsner malt balance in the mix with some grainy, biscuity body and then more of subtle earthy, woody and peppery presence. Easier to drink than, well, than that other thing that vampires like to drink and definitely more refreshing.
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