Harringtons The Rogue Hop

The Rogue Hop is brewed in the style of a bohemian Czech pilsener. And we’re not talking “boho” here in the sense of Kate Moss’s fashion style at Glastonbury festival, but rather about the origins of this distinctive and refreshing style. The pilsener takes its name from the city of Plezň, Bohemia, in the Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842 using pale malts, the famously soft water of the region, local Saaz noble hops, and Bavarian-style lagering. The modern version is produced in a very similar way but the team at Harrington’s add a cheeky rogue hop to give it a very particular lingering hop finish. Just like the original brew, the Rogue is a delightfully light, bright golden straw colour with a big, white frothy head. Grapefruit on the nose and some nice grassy florals in the taste give way to that lovely hoppy bitterness which is substantial without being overwhelming. Managing to be both delicate and bold, it makes a versatile match for a whole range of food. We’re drinking it with some Mexican-style tacos to while away the last of the summer nights - a winning combination.

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