Craft Beer Gift Pack for Food Lovers

Our ‘Foodie’ beer box is for that beer lover whose spice rack is not to be messed with, who keeps their Weber in more pristine condition than their car, and for whom the holy trinity is olive oil, onion and garlic. Featuring Matthew Ramsay’s guide to the best ever burger recipes, this one is for a Masterchef in the making.

Box includes:

Pornburger 'Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes' Matthew Ramsay's guide to his 80 Best Burger Recipies
3 x Young Henrys Natural Lager (NSW)
3 x Southern Bay Brewing Co Australian Lager (VIC)
3 x Nomad Brewing Co Sideways Pale Ale (NSW)
3 x Odyssey Beach Ale (VIC)
1 x 85 Gram Jim's Beef Jerky
1 x Starr Retro Wall Mounted Bottle Open

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