Exit Brewing #005 Amber Ale

Amber Ale | Australia | 5.6%

Exit Brewing were inspired by Brewdog’s renowned 5am Saint, which we’ve featured in a previous beer box. This Aussie take on the amber ale can now stand well on its own next to its mentor. Pouring a deep, hazy copper, the balance of hops and malt is immediately apparent in the aroma which is all things toasty, nutty, piney and citrusy. There’s toffee and tropical fruits in the mix along with a little spice. The hops – Simcoe, Citra, Cascade and Ahtanum – are at the forefront but the malt backbone is steady and sure and balances out all that flavourful complexity. Crack it open round the BBQ or when you’re sneakily finishing off the last of the Christmas pudding.

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