Edge Project / Evil Twin Collaboration Rye Pilsner

Australia | Rye Pilsner | 5.1%

This rye pilsner is a result of the gypsy brewing movement, a cool craft beer sub genre with which the beer geeks among you will be au fait. For the rest of us, the upshot is that gypsy brewers move from brewery to brewery, producing beers that showcase regional specialties and using the facilities and equipment of some of the world’s best breweries. It’s all done in a spirit of creative collaboration and fluid experimentation and Australia’s Edge Project is making its mark on the trend with some outstanding and award winning brews. This beauty, created at Hawkers Brewery, is one of Edge’s first US collaborations and, like the bite suggested by the name Edge/Evil Twin, this rye has a distinctively dry and spicy edge to it. The aroma is full of floral hoppy freshness, just like the first sip. Then the rye spicy bitterness hits with a beautifully crisp and refreshing flavour. A malty backbone rounds it all out and the hazy golden pour just looks so darn lovely with the late summer afternoon light filtering through it. If this is gypsy brewing, then we’re hopping on the caravan!

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