Edge Brewing Project SHIPA

Imperial IPA | Australia | 8%

Edge Brewing are an interesting set up producing some seriously interesting and awesome beers. They experiment early on in a new beer’s life with Edge’s custom built 50L pilot brewery in West Melbourne. Once the brew is perfected, it is produced in selected microbreweries with spare capacity. As a “gypsy” brewer, Edge can be flexible, creative, and collaborative with a real focus on brewing with local ingredients, and their beers are as intriguing as their process. The Southern Hemisphere Imperial IPA is no exception. Pouring a slightly hazy amber with a dense off-white head, the aroma is fruity and floral with a caramel malt sweetness and some piney hops. That array of aromas is echoed in the complexity of the taste which finishes in a deliciously crisp, dry bitterness. With its luscious blend of Australian and NZ hops, this Antipodean take on the Imperial IPA does us all proud.

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