Coedo Beniake

Japan | Lager | 8%

Sometimes the Japanese get a bad wrap for being a little bit out there - think crazy game shows with people eating spiders... in the nude. But when it comes to Craft Beer production they do not mess around. That does not, however, mean they are all straight laced and up tight. And the Beniake is a fine example.

Beniaka means Crimson Red and it takes it name in honour of the colour of the Sweet Potatoes used to brew the beer. The style is unique to the Bushu area of Japan and certainly different to most beers we have tasted our way through at Beer Days. It pours a fantastic reddish brown colour. There is a sweet maltiness to the aroma and flavour. Perhaps even a hint of chocolate on the nose and definitely some caramel. The finish becomes much dryer and even a little bitter. Top experience delivered in style.

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