BrewCult Thanks Captain Obvious

Australia | American IPA | 5.8%

The dude behind BrewCult, Steve “Hendo” Henderson, is a man who loves his hops and with this American style IPA, Hendo wears his big, hoppy heart right on his sleeve. Brewed with classic American hops – Simcoe, Citra and Centennial – the Obvious gives you that big familiar hit of pine, floral, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas then seals the deal with a punchy hop bitterness and flavours to match the aromas. There’s lychee in there, along with grape and mango, plus our old friends grapefruit and orange from the citrus family, and they are nicely balanced by a clean malt presence and a light, bitter, and slightly biscuity finish. Pouring the colour of a fiery summer sunset with a frothy head and a lively carbonation, this excellent ale does a lot for the argument that an IPA is the best way to consume hops. Duh, you might say. And we’ll say Thanks Captain Obvious.

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