Brew Dog 5am Saint

The guys at BrewDog had clearly been sampling their product and were in a philosophical mood when they wrote the description for this one: “5AM is clarity condensed into a single moment, everything laid out before you is static, but nothing is set. The road runs straight into the shimmering distance.” Deep stuff. That’s British brewers for you. We are simple folk here at Beer Days so we’ll leave the shimmering distance to them and just tell you how outstanding this red ale is. Pouring a deep, hazy amber with a lingering frothy head, the aroma is floral hops, stone fruit, grapefruit, pine, and herbs. The taste is rich and complex with an intense bitterness combined with a malty sweetness. The West Coast USA hops are finely balanced by a nutty and bready malt backbone. With a foamy, medium body and lively carbonation, we think this is one of the best red ales we’ve tried yet. BrewDog like to wax poetic about their mission but we reckon their beers speak for themselves.
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