Brasserie di Silly Silly Saison

Belgium | Saison | 5%

The saison has a rustic history – back in ye olden days, it was a farmhouse ale, made with ingredients to hand in the autumn for post-ploughing refreshment by the farmers in the summer. After going out of fashion for a bit, the saison style has made something of a comeback in recent years and it’s a good thing too because, while there’s heaps diversity within the style, they are generally a really easy and refreshing beer to enjoy, and this one is no exception. With caramel and autumnal fruit aromas, sweet caramel malt and light citrus hop in the flavour, and a welcome tart, slightly dry finish, you can totally see why Farmer Jonas would be knocking back a few of these after hard day’s tilling the field. We’d gladly join him!

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