Big Shed Brewing KolsChisel

Australia | German Pale Ale | 4.2%

Big Shed have put out some insanely hoppy beers in the past and while this one still holds its own on the hop front, it’s a little more sessionable and a little less confronting than others in their repertoire. This makes it perfect for festive season consumption – not so crazy potent that you can’t enjoy a few in the backyard, but still interesting enough that you know you’re getting stuck into something a bit spesh. The Kölsch is traditionally a brew specific to the German city of Cologne and despite the growing popularity of the style, it’s still a pretty niche brew. The Big Shed brewers have nailed the pale, beautifully laced pour, the spicy hop presence, and the subtle bready malt flavours that are classic to the style. Fermented with ale yeasts but conditioned like a lager at cold temperatures, this is the best of both worlds. And just in case you thought it was all getting too biergarten for you, check out the label – this is as Aussie as Khe Sanh on the jukebox and a bag of salt and vinegar chips at your neighbourhood local.

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