Barrow Boys Brewing Co. Pedlars Pale

Australia | American Pale Ale | 5.3%

The vivid green label on the Pedlars Pale gives you some hint of what’s to come – an abundance of fresh, sprightly hops. It pours a beautifully golden amber colour with a generous white head that lingers. You’ll notice a hazy appearance which is the result of the addition of residual live yeast which helps to maintain is natural freshness. There’s some tropical fruit and biscuit in the aroma and while the flavour is indeed hop forward, it isn’t aggressively so. One of the compliments paid to this brew over and over is how pleasingly balanced it is with a restrained malt profile letting the hops shine but not take over. The tropical fruits appear again in the taste with hints of passionfruit and pineapple delivered by the Vic Secret dry hops that are used after fermentation. With a light, smooth body, robust carbonation, a moderate and nicely warming alcohol content, and a long resinous finish, we are loving this as a great session ale to go with winter barbeques and picnics.
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