Highway 128 Session Series Blood Orange Gose

Gose | USA | 4.2%

We are pretty excited about this one because it is the first Gose that we have included in a beer box. It’s a very unique kind of beer – we are big fans but newcomers to the style might find it takes a little getting used to. Give it a good shot though – we promise it’s worth it. A Gose is a German beer traditionally made from at least 50% malted wheat. The brew is fermented with yeast and lactic bacteria and spiced with coriander and it is brewed with slightly salted water. Just like the traditional version, Anderson Valley’s Gose is a wheat ale brewed with lactobacillus which gives it that deliciously sour taste. It’s the addition of blood oranges during fermentation that really sets this one apart with bright citrus flavours complemented by coriander and the subtle saline taste of the salted brewing water. The blood orange is immediately noticeable in the aroma and you’ll enjoy it all the way through to the last drop. Tangy and tart without leaving you with puckered grimace, we reckon the Blood Orange Gose will convert you to the style and become your go-to summer ale.
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