Almanac Brewing Co Saison de Brettaville

Saison | USA | 7.2%

Now this is a real treat! The Saison is one of our favourite beer styles here at Beer Days – we love it as a session ale or with a slightly more amped ABV like we have here. This one is named for is featured yeast – Brettanomyces. In less experienced hands, this wild yeast can run amok and decimate beers and wines. But the crew at Almanac know just how to coax out its wonderful array of flavours and aromas – from intense tropical fruits to funky, earthy tartness. See if you can pick up the delicate white wine notes thanks to it being aged in white wine oak barrels. With a robust carbonation and a subtle but refreshing sourness, you’re going to love serving this up with a platter of delicious stinky cheese. If you can keep your hands off it, it will age well. Let us know what you think – rate this beer.

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