Win at life - choose craft beer for your main lady

Win at life - choose craft beer for your main lady

A craft beer box is an ideal gift for the woman in your life. Whether it be your beloved mum, your wife, your new girlfriend, or your hip older sister, craft beer is the coolest way to say “You’re awesome/adorable/out of my league/amazing”.

Sure, here at Beer Days we’ve spent a bit of time covering why craft beer is the perfect gift for your best man, big brother, father-in-law, and dad and we know that craft beer can be a really great way to show your man-love and express your dude affections. But the truth is, craft beer is also an original and excellent gift for the ladies you love. Let us lay it out for you.

Beer is traditionally steeped in blokey associations in this country – not all of them very attractive – and so it’s easy to just keep thinking of it as something for the guys. But one look at the line up at the bar at the Bitter Phew, the Local Taphouse or Temple Brewing on a Friday evening will show you just how far off the mark that assumption is. What do you think all those women are ordering? Pink lemonade?! Dude, please. They are ordering IPAs, sours, brights, ambers, saisons – the works. Follow that up with a look at the number of women making their mark on craft beer in Australia (hello Sam Fuss at Young Henry’s, Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen of Two Birds Brewing, and Karen Golding of Redhill Brewing, just to name just a few) and it starts to become pretty clear that craft beer is far from a blokes-only zone.

It’s not just that Australian women are drinking more craft beer, it’s also that women have proven themselves to be adventurous drinkers – they are willing to try really experimental flavours and new approaches to old styles. Plus, craft beer is creative and sophisticated – from the beauty of the design on a can to the incredible variety of ingredients used in brewing. It’s not just a prop for football matches or a means to getting obliterated on a Friday night. Food matching is a big part of the appeal – just listen to Kirrily Waldhorn AKA the Beer Diva, wax poetic on matching an Aussie pale ale with a scampi salad or a hoppy pilsner with spicy marinated lamb. Craft beer is not crass or aggressive or boring. It’s intriguing, complex and beautiful. Which probably sounds like a pretty accurate description of at least a few of the women in your life, right?

Your lady doesn’t already have to craft beer drinker in order for a craft beer box to be a great gift. A gift box can be a really classy way to introduce her to craft beer and you can spruce it all up with a beautiful meal to match with her new beers and some well chosen words (we’d help you with that too but we’re not going to give away ALL our secrets). Add a couple of our super sophisticated beer glasses to really complete the picture.

Take your gift giving to the next level with a craft beer box. Don’t make it one just for the boys. You’re smarter, more thoughtful, and cooler than that. Show the women in your life that we’re right about that by buying a craft beer gift box for them today.

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