Why craft beer is the perfect thank you gift for your staff

Why craft beer is the perfect thank you gift for your staff

Good staff morale is the key to the success of any business. If you’re running the show, you’ve probably figured that out for yourself and don’t need the HR boffins on your back going on and on about engagement and “buy-in” and blah blah blah. What it boils down to is that you have this awesome team who deserve better than a chocolate gift box and a movie gift voucher and don’t necessarily want to spend their lunch hour having to chat to their boss, even if it’s at a fancy boutique pub.

Behold craft beer, the perfect thank you gift for your team of staff.

Whether it’s the outstanding team member who has been killing it into the wee hours for the last few months and needs a few days off in the company of some exceptional pale ales, or the newbie who is clearly terrified of stuffing up but has been giving their all and needs a bit of encouragement but mostly needs to chill out with some brews and come in on Monday morning without sweating bullets, a box of craft beer will be worth more than its weight in gold when it comes to staff happiness.

Maybe it’s a box of Aussie Classics for each member of the design team, a selection of IPAs for the tech team, or a connoisseurs pick for the admin team – either way, craft beer says thank you in a way that is cool, meaningful and generous. That’s right – cool. We know how much that matters. Especially if you, as the boss, are suffering from a little of David Brents. So it’s important to remember that, when you hand over the beers, just leave the kids to it. Don’t hang around spouting off about hops and malts. Just let the craft beers work their magic and, before you know it, all the staff will have totally forgotten about your drunken attempt at pole dancing at the Christmas party. Trust me.

And before the HR fun-busters get on your case, craft beer is a perfectly responsible and appropriate gift. Think about the average Friday night work drinks – not pretty, right? Drinking to get hammered and forget the week and HR totally endorse it as “team building” or something. Craft beer is not about that. It’s about really savouring some of the best brews on offer (and at Beer Days we only choose the best for our beer boxes) which we can help with by providing tasting notes. Your staff can do it on their own terms, in the own time – which, after 50 odd hours with you every week is really what they need.

Make an awesome craft beer box your next staff gift and you can thank us at the end of the year when staff retention rates soar and productivity sky rockets.

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