Why craft beer is the best way to say thanks/I’m sorry/you’re awesome

Why craft beer is the best way to say thanks/I’m sorry/you’re awesome

There can be heaps of great moments to celebrate in life – you know all the big ones: birthdays, graduations, promotions, weddings, babies, new homes… Have a party, make speeches, toast success and happiness, open lots of gifts, hug lots of people. We are good at giving and receiving gifts and good wishes and on those occasions and often use those times to thank people we love – you know, cry in your wedding speech about how amazing your parents are, thank your boss for believing in you and giving you a chance blah blah. A craft beer box is, naturally, the ultimate gift on all and any of those occasions.

But what about celebrating and acknowledging the smaller but still pretty awesome stuff? We often save up our big gestures and gifts for those designated big ticket occasions and while that can be great fun, it is sometimes the unexpected acknowledgement that really matters and makes an impact. A craft beer box is the ideal way to say thanks to someone who has just been a bit of a legend, even if it’s in some pretty understated way. Like when your sister comes over when you’ve got the flu and puts your washing on and makes you macaroni cheese. Or when your neighbour cleans all your gutters while he’s doing his, just because. Or when the nice couple up the road look after one of your kids all day while you’re at the emergency department with the other one. Drop off a box of All Aussie Classics or a Beer and Snacks Pack at their place the following week and you have made a gesture that counts and have continued the spread of good will among your fellow human beings. Warm, glowing feels all round – we promise. And that’s not just a 6% ABV talking.

While we’re at it, what about celebrating the totally NOT awesome stuff? The really sucky stuff that happens, like getting dumped. Getting fired. Getting your wisdom teeth out. Losing a pet. I don’t know about you, but those are the times I could really do with a box of super strong IPAs to help get me through. A box of crafties and a mate who can deliver them and say “dude, you’re miserable – let’s drink this amber ale/wheat ale/gose/lager together” is what I need at those moments. Everyone experiences the tough stuff in life but instead of slinking away and going through it alone, why not make it an opportunity to bond and celebrate friendship just like you would at a happy event? Good company and good beer can make up for a lot.

So the next time you want to say “thanks mate” or “I’m here for you”, don’t wait for the big event or the designated “happy occasion”. Say it today and say it with craft beer.

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