Why craft beer is the best gift for your best man and groomsmen on your wedding day

Why craft beer is the best gift for your best man and groomsmen on your wedding day

So you are taking the plunge and putting a ring on it. The venue is booked, aunts and uncles you’ve barely heard of before are flying out from Cornwall to attend, your mates have organised unspeakable super fun things for your bucks night,
your blushing bride has arranged the honeymoon somewhere appropriately sunny and turquoise watered. But you still need to choose an awesome gift for your best man and groomsmen. Because you are totally disorganised incredibly busy, you’ve left it to the last minute. This is no reflection on how much you love your mates, who have seen you through many years of singledom, and a fair bit of heartbreak, it’s just that they are such awesome blokes that you can’t quite figure out the perfect best man and groomsmen gift. Don't worry - we've figured it out for you. Choose craft beer for the perfect best man's gift and way to say thanks to your groomsmen.




Craft beer is the ideal gift for your long suffering best man and your good time groomsmen because:

1. They will actually use and enjoy it. Engraved cufflinks, pocket watches and paperweights are all very well, but they will inevitably end up stashed away in at the back of a drawer, unused, forgotten. A craft beer box on the other hand, will be enjoyed with gusto. Sharing craft beer together will create opportunities to laugh, to have deep man-style heart-to-hearts, to take trips down memory lane, and to cement your friendship for the years ahead. A craft beer gift box isn’t just a bunch of drinks, it’s an experience to be treasured with mates.

2. It’s the right mix of blokey and classy. Craft beer is not just alcohol. It’s finely crafted alcohol made with skill and dedication and devotion. And when you get your craft beer gift box from Beer Days, it comes in a great-looking box with tasting notes and – if you like – excellent beer snacks to go with your brews.

3. They won’t have to pretend they are happy to receive it. To really bring this home, just picture your own reaction to receiving an engraved paperweight. Got that picture in your head? Now picture your reaction to receiving a box of some of the finest craft beers in the country. See what we mean? It will be the same for your best man and groomsmen. Don’t get them something just because you think it’s the “done thing”. Choose a gift for your best man and groomsmen that they will flat out love getting.

    Wow. Amazing. An engraved paperweight. I can't thank you enough.

    CRAFT BEER! Dude, I love you!

    4. There’s a craft beer gift box for all tastes. If your best man is a hard core craft beer lover, then get him the Connoisseurs gift box. If your groomsmen have been on a steady diet of C*rona for the last decade then now’s the time to introduce them to the magic of craft beer with an Aussie Classics beer pack. If you really have a lot to thank your best man for, then go all out and get him a subscription to a monthly or quarterly delivery.

    Share the love on your wedding day and choose craft beer as the ultimate gift for your best man and groomsmen. 

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