Why a Beer Days gift box is the ultimate present for your guy this Valentine’s Day

Why a Beer Days gift box is the ultimate present for your guy this Valentine’s Day

Let Beer Days play cupid this Valentine’s Day with an awesome craft beer gift hamper. We can guarantee that leeerrrve will blossom like hops on the vine with this outstanding selection of brews and treats. No beer goggles necessary – declarations of undying adoration will be the real deal. Read on for why a Beer Days gift box is the best way to show your love this Valentine’s Day.

1. It’s romantic

You didn’t really see that coming did you? I’m guessing you don’t generally think of “romance” in the same sentence as “yeast” and “hops”. Well let me paint a picture: flickering candlelight illuminating the effervescence of not only the outstanding craft beer your loved one is about to drink, but also lighting up the grateful glow in their eyes and the satisfied grin on their faces.

See? And you thought a good IPA could never be a substitute for watching The Notebook together. Think again. You just reset the bar for contemporary romance.

2. You can pair it with food

Make a real occasion of it by matching your array of craft brews with some terrific food. We’re not suggesting you have to cook it – no, no. That’s what take out is for! All you need is a couple of great looking beer glasses, a nice tablecloth, aforementioned candles, and a spread of Foodora’s best. Put your glad rags on but ditch the restaurant and show him what true love is all about by introducing to the pleasures of a delicious gose paired with tasty tacos or a spicy Thai curry.

3. His friends will think you’re awesome

This applies especially to those of you in the early flush of romance, when scoring points with your beloved’s mates is crucial to the on-going success of the relationship. From a purely pragmatic point of view then, craft beer is a winning option. Your fellow will be singing your praises for weeks to come and any doubts his mates had about you will evaporate into admiration and approval.

4. It comes with cookies

And we’re not just talking any old cookie. We are talking heart and beer-shaped (yes – beer-shaped) cookies from the legends at Spoon & Fork who really know what they are doing when it comes to baking. Personally we think the cookie reason alone trumps everything else. My wife was witness to the tears in my eyes as I placed a beer-shaped cookie next to my beer-shaped beer and thought that life had pretty much peaked.

Order your Valentine’s Day gift box now. And don’t forget to invite us to the wedding!

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