Why a Beer Days craft beer box should be your first choice for corporate gifts

Why a Beer Days craft beer box should be your first choice for corporate gifts

Whether it’s a festive season gift, a gesture of good will, a thank you for doing business, a congratulations for closing a deal, or part of a strategy to win business, giving a Beer Days craft beer box as your next corporate gift is the way to go.

I’ve been around the corporate traps for many years and have received an assortment of “corporate gifts” over that time. Some have been dead boring – branded stationery and run of the mill chocolates. Some have been awesome – a great selection of booze or a voucher for a cool experience. Sometimes they’ve been a thank you gesture, some have been more of a nudge in the deal-closing direction. Either way, the stand outs have been personal and high quality. The rubbish ones have been generic and crappy quality. In that sense corporate gift giving isn’t that different from any other kind of gift giving – the ones that make an impression are individual and thoughtful. The ones you forget about one minute after they land on your desk are, well, forgettable.

Sure, there’s a formality that comes into play with corporate gifts that doesn’t apply to other kinds of gift giving, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be unique or cool. In fact, that’s exactly what you want them to be because, let’s face it, part of the corporate gift giving game is about wanting to appear awesome – awesome to clients, prospective clients, competitors, suppliers, partners, collaborators, deal makers etc

In this sense, the quality of the gift you hand over, reflects on you and your business. So, yeah, you want to get that just right. Craft beer will do it. Here’s why:

It’s personal

Craft beer is unique, from the amazing artwork on the bottle or can to the incredible array of flavours. Craft beer is a boutique product and that makes it feel extra special, and extra personal. In business, where so much of the personal touch can be lost, this feeling of individual attention and care being given counts for a lot. Beer Days can even add a personalised note to your delivery to up the individual feel good factor.

It’s sophisticated

The expertise of the brewers, the complexity and subtlety of aroma and taste, the sheer volume of jargon that goes with craft beer – it all makes for a seriously classy product. Craft beer more than holds its own against wine and spirits as a sophisticated choice of corporate gift. It’s serious and seriously fun – the ultimate combination.

It’s cool

Craft beer is a touchstone for all that is cool, contemporary and very, very hip. Giving a
selection of premium craft beer (and at Beer Days we only pick the best the best), shows that you have your finger well and truly on the pulse of what’s culturally cool and current. This makes you look awesome and makes the recipient feel somehow part of that contemporary coolness – which, by the way, they now associate with you. Win, win, win.

So ditch the branded notepads and the stodgy hampers and make your next corporate gift a Beer Days Beer Box. Check out our range of gift boxes now or drop me a line to discuss a custom selection. We deliver statewide (to you or to the recipient) and will include a personalised note at your request. Doing business never felt so good. 



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