The five best beers to see out the last days of summer

The five best beers to see out the last days of summer

When summer begins, it feels like it stretches out forever. And then, all of a sudden, your're turning back the clock, the afternoons get a brisk chill and you ditch the morning mango for a bowl of porridge. But there’s some fun and some warmth left yet and we’ve got the perfect line up of brews to make your summer feel, if not endless, then at least lingering.

Kona Brewing Hanalei Island IPA    4.5%    USA

Kona Hanalei IPAClose your eyes when you’re drinking this one and we swear you’ll hear the sound of waves on a beach and the breeze through palm trees. This tropical fruit punch of a beer is like a beach holiday in a bottle. At 4.5% and with a milk IBU, it makes for a perfectly sessionable daytime IPA and has been one of our post-surf go-to brews this summer. With a big, white frothy head that billows then laces the glass just like a shore break, it bursts with passionfruit, orange and guava flavours balanced by a biscuity malt character and a good dry finish. Drink it in your boardies or bikini. You can get your hands on some here.

Yullis Seabass Mediterranean Lager    4.2%    Australia

Yullis-seabass-lagerNever was there a beer more suited to drinking with fish and chips than Yulli’s Seabass Lager. It’s a pale, unfiltered lager with a little lime and a little spice in the mix that makes it a perfect accompaniment to your preferred salted sea creature. Go a little fancy with some gamberetti prawns or whitebait, or keep it straight with a humbled bit of grilled hoki and some chicken-salt smothered chips. We will take ours on the grassy hill at Bondi as the breeze whips up and the seagulls come squawking. Get yours here.

Almanac Brewing Co Saison de Brettaville    7.2%    USA

Almanac Saison de BrettavilleThe Saison de Brettaville was definitely one of our favourites from the summer beer box selections. We are big fans of the style here at Beer Days and this one has slightly more amped ABV which makes for a extra kick. It’s named for its featured yeast – brettanomyces – which, in less experienced hands can run amok and decimate a brew. The crew at Almanac know just how to coax out its wonderful array of flavours and aromas – from intense tropical fruits to funky, earthy tartness. There are delicate wine notes in there thanks to being aged in white wine oak barrels. Its subtle sourness makes it a great accompaniment to a plate of stinky cheeses served under the last new moon before daylight saving ends and the frangipanis start to fall. Give it a go here.

Nomad Brewing Freshie Salt n Pepper Gose    4.5%    Australia

The salted water used in Nomad’s Gose is straight from legendary Freshwater “Freshie” Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beachs. We love a summer gose and Nomad’s beach take on the style is a cracker. Along with the style’s signature coriander, brewer Brooks Caretta has spiked it with Tastmanian mountain pepper. Along with pale and wheat malts, Williamette hops, and a German ale yeast, the combination makes for a deliciously refreshing salty and sour taste. If a Sydney summer is what you yearn for, then this is a good way to capture it. We’ve caught some here already to make it easy for you!

Lost Coast Arrgh! Pale Ale    5.2%    USA

Lost Coast ArrghGet your inner pirate on with the Arrgh Pale Ale – another from one of our favourite breweries. Pouring clear and golden, it has a nice fluffy white head which clings to the glass like a mutineer clings to a raft. With a big fruit and pine aroma, the Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops are the stars of this show and deliver stacks of citrus hop flavour and strong, crisp bitterness. We’d walk the plank for this one and will remember it as the star of many a summer picnic and BBQ.

So if you are dreading the return of the cold months, hold on to the sun for a little longer with these awesome summer brews. And don’t worry too much – with autumn and winter come some of our best beers yet. You’ll be converted to stouts and scotch ales just as it’s time to start getting back into your boardies!

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