The 5 top reasons why craft beer is the best gift for your father-in-law

Tearing your hair out over what gift to get for your father-in-law? You’re not alone. The father-in-law surely presents one of the toughest gift-giving challenges known to man. And woman.

He can be an enigmatic creature whose interests remain a mystery. You may have lucked out and scored one of those FILs who thinks you’re the best thing that ever happened to his son/daughter. Or you may be struggling with that more familiar beast – the disapproving FIL who is always polite but retains a general suspicion of you and your intentions. Either way, you pretty much have no idea what floats his boat, right? And so birthdays, Christmas, Fathers Day and any other significant gift-giving occasions remain a perpetual struggle as you wander the aisles of Bunnings/Myer/Hobby Co looking for answers that never appear.

Well, that’s where Beer Days can help you. Whether you’re consolidating his already high opinion of you or trying to win him over or at least thaw a longstanding chill, we are your ally and craft beer is your arsenal. Behold, the five key reasons why a Beer Days beer box subscription should be your next gift for your father-in-law.

  • It’s classy. In terms of the level of expertise required, the complexity of taste on offer, the potential to pair with food, the culture of serious, scientific and creative endeavour involved, and the pleasure to be gained by consuming it, craft beer is up there with fine wine for sheer sophistication. And this reflects very well on you. (Obviously we think that craft beer outstrips fine wine in every one of these categories but that might be dangerously controversial territory to start with)
  • It’s cool. You may associate him with all that is not cool but he’s still human. No, really, he is. And craft beer’s status as the touchstone of all that is contemporary and hip presents a way for him to feel not just in touch, but right in the thick of what is – to use a word he might employ – trendy.
  • It’s a conversation starter. Give the gift of craft beer and never again struggle through excruciating silences and the dreaded foot-in-mouth syndrome which afflicts even the most conversationally adept of sons/daughters-in-law. Let the power of hops and malt and yeast work its magic and before you know it, you’ll be bonding over your favourite IPAs and comparing notes on gypsy brewers.
  • It’s easy. All you have to do is sign him up. We select the awesome beers, box them up in great packaging, and deliver them to his door. You don’t have to deal with the discomfort of handing over a bulky gift embarrassingly festooned with sparkly ribbon and he doesn’t get put on the spot and have to deliver one of those awkward hug/handshakes.
  • It’s generous. And we don’t mean generous as in expensive, we mean generous in spirit. It’s an awesome gift – the perfect combination of thoughtful and fun and respectful.
So there you have it. The age old dilemma of what to buy for your father-in-law solved. All you have to do is bathe in the reflected glory of your excellent choice and enjoy your new status as number one son/daughter-in-law. 
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