Pick a porter this winter

Craft beer drinkers know beer. Experimenting with new craft beers is an enjoyable experience for those who appreciate tantalizing their taste buds with brew. There are, of course, many different styles of beer, and one that is often overlooked yet that compliments the winter season is the porter.As the weather changes and the winter months settle in, porters are a great craft beer to experiment with.  The reason is simple, a good craft porter’s hoppy flavor can compliment the heartiest of warming stews or that delicious roast prepared to warm your bones.

Porters are darker beers that are generally a little on the hoppy side. Stout beers are porters too, and get their name for being a little stronger than the standard fare. Porters originated in England in the 1700’s.  They were the first beer that was actually aged at the brewery and ready to be shipped and drank immediately.  Most other beers at the time were crafted at the pubs and then sent out for aging. This aged taste along with its dark, hoppy taste made porters a favorite drink of many beer drinkers.

Just as with every other beer style, there are countless versions and adaptations of the porter. Here are five of our favourites:

  1. Nail Brewing Clayden Brew Imperial Porter This is an Imperial porter that has quite a kick with an alcohol content at 8.5%. Crafted by Nail Brewing in Perth, Australia, its balance of dark malts mixed with hints of fig and mocha give this beer an intense flavor. The beer has a deep and dark color to it, and has a rich long lasting head.
  2. Funky Buddha Morning Wood Naturally the yanks are all over the porter style and we’re enjoying Morning Wood, an American porter made by Funky Buddha in Florida. It’s 12% ABV gives it a steel toed boot of a kick. This dark beer has a black color to it and carries the scent of coffee and spicy bourbon. The beer also has a slight maple hint to it that helps bring out the mix of flavors.
  3. Holgate Brewhouse Temptress Another Aussie porter, Holgate Temptress is a chocolaty beer that has a flavor more like raw cocoa than a boozy candy bar, leaving it with a creamy and smooth taste. The beer also has a touch of vanilla to go with the Dutch chocolate flavor, and is topped off with a hint of caramel. The color is a dark brown with a light brown head. Temptress by name, temptress by nature. Go on, succumb!
  4. Deschutes Black Butte Deschutes Black Butte is a world-class American porter made by Deschutes Brewery in Oregon, USA. The USA produces many great craft brews, and this is one you need to get your hands on. This brew has its roots in the home of the craft beer movement, and it brings with it a well-rounded mix. With a respectable alcohol content of 5.2%, this dark brown beer is best poured slow. It has a deep flavor with underlays of maple syrup, chocolate, toffee, and a hint of fig and coffee.
  5. Rocks Brewing Co, The Butcher A good beer to grab, if you want that craft goodness without getting too plastered. The Butcher is brewed by Rocks Brewing Company in Australia. It’s got a dark chocolate color and a tan head with a roasty taste with hints of cocoa, cedar, nutmeg, and a slight bit of sweetness. With an alcohol content of 4.9%, you’ll feel it but you won’t feel like dancing on the pub tables naked. 
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