Get your Christmas cheer on with craft beer; or, the Beer Days guide to Christmas giving

We hate the pre-emptive September Christmas decorations in the shopping centre as much as the next person but all of a sudden September is long gone and the festive
season is just a couple of weeks from engulfing us in its tinsel covered horror joy. And
you know what that means – it is time to get your act together and organise some Christmas gifts. Yep, we know what you’re thinking – I’ll leave it to mum/girlfriend/brother, they’re better at that kind of thing. Nup – this year it’s time to step up and throw yourself into the Christmas gift giving spirit with the same enthusiasm you use to chug down your favourite pale ale. And it’s going to be easy with the Beer Days Christmas fairy by your side. With a wave of its magical bottle-opening wand, it’s going to solve all your gift giving dilemmas in one fell swoop with the magic of craft beer. Between our Beer Days Beer Club subscription options and our awesome craft beer gift boxes, Christmas shopping has never been so easy, or so fun.

We are going to do this in a couple of parts so you don’t get overwhelmed. Let’s start with one we’ve addressed before – the father-in-law. The father-in-law (or significant-other-in-law) presents one of the greatest gift giving challenges known to man. Or woman. But we’ve got you sorted. Click here for more on why a Beer Days subscription or craft beer gift pack is the only way to go this Christmas if you want to impress in the FIL and convince him once and for all that you are worthy of his beloved daughter’s/son’s affections. We guarantee that quarterly deliveries or the craft beer Connoisseurs’ gift box will stand you in good stead for at least another 12 months.

Next up, the uncle/cousin/step sibling that you’re not that close to but kinda like and they 
helped with your tax this year so you really should make a gesture. Especially if you want them to help you with your tax again next year. Enter the Beer Days fairy and – ta-dah! The All Aussie Classics 16 Pack is the one for them! Australia is producing some of the best craft beer around and this awesome selection is here to prove it with Young Henry’s, Nomad, and Kaiju to name a few.

Last in this week’s segment is your flatmate or housemate. Sure, the way they NEVER replace the toilet roll really gets on your nerves, but think about what they’ve had to put up with from you over the last 12 months. Thinking about it? Yep, see they deserve a craft beer Beer Box too. Present them with our Cruisin’ for a Boozin’ selection and watch the tears come to their eyes. They’ll hug you long and hard so be prepared for that. And then hopefully they’ll head off up the coast with their Moa and Nomad and Brooke’s and give you some peace for a couple of weeks.

See what you’ve done there with the help of the Beer Days Fairy? You’ve spread the craft beer Christmas joy far and wide without even having to leave your laptop.

Next week we tackle the big guns – dad, mum, the boyfriend, the siblings...

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