Craft beer - the best wedding gift ever

Craft beer - the best wedding gift ever

I love weddings. I’m a romantic at heart and am not ashamed to admit that I usually have a bit of a cry as vows are exchanged. I’m always up to celebrate true love and if that means wild dancing late into the night then count me in.

What I don’t love is choosing wedding gifts. It’s hard, and, let’s face it, a bit of a drag. I don’t want to get something boring and generic like a toaster or napery (I didn’t even know the word “napery” existed before I started looking for wedding gifts for people). I want to get something fun and unique and surprising. Enter craft beer – which I find is often the answer to many of life’s dilemmas. I have got a craft beer club subscription for several recent newlyweds and it has been a seriously big hit. A craft beer subscription is cool, it’s unexpected, it’s awesome, and it constantly reminds them of me (which can only be a good thing).

Craft beer is the ultimate wedding gift because:

  • It’s not boring. A toaster is boring. A set of steak knives is boring. A frame is boring. Craft beer is never, ever boring.
  • It will help keep the spark alive. The craft beer scene hums with coolness, with creativity, with the promise and the delivery of good times at any time. Stop your newly wedded friends from becoming a boring married couple by giving them a constant supply good times so they always feel young and newly in love. Think of it this way – by gifting a craft beer subscription you could save a marriage.
  • They can share it. There’s nothing fun about sharing a toaster. Sharing craft beers on the other hand is fun. Let them bond over tasting notes, argue good naturedly about IPAs versus XPAs, come up with great meals to pair with their brews, gaze into each other’s eyes over a candle-lit stout – you get the picture.
  • It will give them less time and inclination to bore the shi*t out of their mates by Instagraming photos of their bathroom renovations because they will be too busy doing more fun things that involve craft beer and not grout. This is a selfish reason, yes, but a valid one nonetheless.
  • Speaking of selfish reasons, it will mean they always have excellent beer in the house when you just happen to drop by. Again, a totally legit reason to buy a craft beer subscription for them.

If you really insist on buying some etched glassware then these are the only ones to get. Drinking craft beer out of a glass is the best way to really enjoy it.

So put down that silver frame, step away from the napery section of the department store, ditch their dull gift registry, and be awesome by buying your mates the gift they really deserve, the best wedding gift ever – craft beer.

And if you’re about to tie the knot and the thought of a table filled with white goods wrapped tastefully in matte silver paper makes your stomach lurch, then get the Beer Days Beer Club on your gift registry. If you’re still um-ing and ah-ing about whether to pop the question, well, the possibility of a craft beer subscription wedding gift might just be the thing to nudge you over the line.

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