Craft beer gifts for guaranteed Christmas joy

In part 2 of the Beer Days guide to Christmas gift giving, we tackle the parents, the boyfriend, and the siblings – in a metaphorical sense that is. No one gets hurt by craft beer.

Mum and Dad. You love them. They drive you nuts. You couldn’t do without them. They
drive you nuts. They made you the gal/guy you are today. They drive you nuts. But think about what THEY’VE had to put up with. What’s a little parental embarrassment when they’ve spent the year propping up your new business/letting you sleep in your old room/lending you money for the car rego/providing free child care for your kidlets etc etc.
This Christmas, they deserve some high quality down time and what better way to provide it than to give them a.) a break from you and your demands and b.) some seriously good craft beers for them to enjoy with their feet up. You can’t go past the Classics 16 Pack Hamper which includes a sensational line up of outstanding craft beer plus a retro wall-mounted bottle opener and the best beef jerky in town. My folks, especially mum, have always been quite partial to a cider and so I’ll be getting them the Craft Beer & Cider Mixer which includes some excellent apple and pear ciders. It doesn’t quite make up for 40 years of dealing with me, but it’s a pretty good start.

And now to the siblings. It can be a fraught relationship but also one where loyalties run deep. Yes, there are still plenty of days when I could happily deck my brother but I also know that when the chips are down, he’s the one I can depend on to pull me back up. Also, because it’s Christmas and he’ll be feeling a bit sentimental, he’ll probably share his craft beers with me. So, you know, win win. The Classics pack is a good option and if you are really feeling the fraternal/sisterly love this year then go for a beer club membership. Not only is it generous but it will stand you in very good stead next year when you need to ask this or that favour. With a craft beer box arriving every month, how can they say no?

The boyfriend/hubby. Ladies, he’s a good man, isn’t he. Sure, he has his moments but who doesn’t? And with a Beer Days craft beer box at least he’ll be drinking high quality brews at home in a semi-controlled environment. If my lady was scrolling through the Beer Days website wondering which option to get for me - her beloved and incredibly handsome and talented husband – I’d be giving her a gentle nudge in the direction of the Ridiculously Strong 8 Pack or the IPA Lovers Pack because I’m a bloke who likes his craft beers to pack a bit of a wallop. I’m tough like that.

Craft beer – bringing families together and making the love stronger. It’s enough to bring a Christmas time tear to the eye.

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