Craft beer for mum this mother's day

Craft beer for mum this mother's day

Did you know that your mum loves craft beer? No? Well that’s probably because she doesn’t know it yet either. Compared to blokes, women only consume a very small amount of beer. There’s all kinds of reasons for that but probably one of the most enduring is that beer has always been marketed as a dude’s drink. And, let’s face it, it’s pretty understandable that women haven’t wanted to make their way across sticky carpet to the bar only to be presented with pretty boring, super fizzy lager sloshed all over the place. The craft beer industry is gradually cottoning on the fact that women are a potential gold mine when it comes to beer consumption, especially because, given the opportunity, women tend to be adventurous drinkers with very fine palates that are good at detecting all kinds of nuances in a boutique brew.

So, if your mum is not already a beer drinker, why not make this mother’s day the opportunity to introduce her to the magic of craft beer? We’ve consulted some of the best women in the industry to come up with some recommendations and have the perfect gift box ready to go for your mum – or, if it’s not mum, the woman or women in your life you have guided, protected, and put up with you.

Nomad Sideways Hoppy Pale 4%

Crisp and clean, this lovely pale ale is bursting with the aromas of Aussie and American hops. Tangy lemon, cut grass, pine and tropical fruit flavours are balanced with a biscuity malt backbone. Hoppy without being overwhelming and very sessionable at 4% ABV.

Two Birds Taco 5.2%

With flaked corn, coriander and lime peel all added to the brew, the Taco is a deliciously zesty and flavorful beer which is light and clean enough to pair with – you guessed it – tacos. Or perhaps a big bowl of cheesy, spicy nachos.

Red Hill Wheat Beer 5%

Starting quite sweet and finishing up tart and dry, the wheat beer has some deliciously subtle flavours to enjoy. Make sure you pour it into a glass so your mum can really enjoy the beautiful colour and fluffy white head on it and soak up the banana aromas.

Nomad Sideways     Two Birds Taco     Red Hill Wheat

Still need convincing? Consider the following:

  • Craft beer is particularly suited to the female palate – brewers have commented to us time and time again that where blokes will often go for a classic pale ale or a super hopped IPA, women are curious drinkers who don’t shy away from unusual styles and have apparently natural ability to pick up subtle flavours
  • Craft beer is ideal for food matching. It doesn’t have to be complicated - it’s just a matter of experimenting and figuring out what works for you. And if you’re taking mum to a fancy pants restaurant for mum’s day, maybe try a joint like Pilu where the chef has worked with the Nomad Brewing team to come up with a great selection of craft beers to go with their very nom nom food
  • It’s unique and unexpected and you gave it to her – so that will give her a kick. Even better, it’s something you can share together. Maybe you’ve had a schooner with dad in the pub over the years but now it’s time to kick back on the veranda with mum, a couple of crafties, and a big plate of stinky cheese.
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