Christmas Day Craft Beer Drinking Guide

Christmas Day Craft Beer Drinking Guide

Christmas on the beach, in the backyard, at the park, on your balcony, in your apartment/campervan/tent – it’s rapidly approaching! We reckon the Chrissy day experience is not complete without some excellent craft brews to sip on and have divided up the day into this crafty guide so that you can pace yourself and enjoy yourself.

Mid morning

The kids have been up since dawn, the living room is filled with wrapping paper, the oven has turned the kitchen into a furnace and you just need a little help you move into the next phase of festivities. We recommend a Pale Ale at this point. You don’t want to knock yourself out – you just want to prepare yourself for the next onslaught of relatives/in-laws/kids. Crack open the Clare Valley Pale Ale, avail yourself of a cheeky slice of ham, and take a moment to gather your wits and your energy.

Lunch prep

Making the gravy/barbequing the prawns/slicing the turkey/tossing the salad – whatever your responsibility is, you need to keep your cool and step up to the task. By this stage you’re going to be a bit hot and sweaty and maybe a tad flustered by rowdy kids, surly teens, and unpredictable in-laws. A nice little witbier or hefeweizen  is going to work a treat here. No need to make a big scene about it, just quietly take that Widmer Brothers Hefe or Deschutes Chainbreaker out of the fridge and pop it behind the Gravox box while you’re stirring or slicing.


Finally, the time has come to sit down and start some serious eating. Leave your options wide open here. This is where you can ratchet up your ABV a bit and have a bit of fun matching your favourite styles with your Chrissy feast. I’m pretty keen on the Kaiju’s Golden IPA and Hop Nation’s Pilsner is also a winner on the lunch table. Red Hill’s Temptation ale is a long time favourite but don’t expect to be much good a backyard cricket after a few of these!

Backyard cricket/stacking the dishwasher

It’s gotta be Yulli’s Norman Australian Ale. You need to just dial it back a notch at this point so you can still keep a responsible eye on the kids and make sure any simmering familial tensions are nipped in the bud quick smart. But you also want to take some wickets and Norman is good company for that. If you’re up for a lager at this point, keep it super summery with Kona’s Longboard. Warney eat your heart out.

Starting to fade

After lunch you thought you’d never be hungry again but someone has produced a fruit cake and offered to put the kettle on and who are you to say no. You’re not quite ready for the coffee and tea part of the day so why not crack open a stout or brown ale to see the day out in style. Try the Mornington Peninsula’s Russel Brown or finish yourself off completely with Stone Brewings Mocha IPA as you gaze contentedly upon the merry debris of another Christmas day.

Boxing Day hair of the dog

No judgement from us. We’re having the Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose with our breakfast and no one’s gonna stop us! It’s practically a fruit juice anyway, right?

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