Cam's Top Easter Beers

Leave the chocolate eggs to the kids and get your fix in liquid form with these choclatey beauties:

Stone Brewing Stone Mocha DIPA    9%    USA
Stone Mocha DIPABrewed with golden-roasted coffee, pure dark chocolate, and a hop rocket combo of Cascade, Citra and Amarillo and you have an incredibly decadent mocha flavour with a bold hop profile. Full bodied and beautifully balanced, the Stone Mocha pours a deep, dark golden colour which tells you straight away this is one to be luxuriated in.

Lobethal Chocolate Oatmeal Stout    6%    Australia

The Choc Oatmeal Stout is brewed at Lobethal Brewhaus in that crazy little slice of Germany just outside of Adelaide. Brewed with rolled oats, malted and roasted barley and carefully selected handfuls of English hops, it is silky smooth with hints of coffee and –surprise surprise - chocolate. 

Lervig Brewer’s Reserve Konrad Stout    10.4%    Norway

This imperial stout presents with little head, only a touch of carbonation and a mild cocoa nose. But don’t be fooled. The gentle approach lulls you into a false sense of security before – bam – you’re hit with a massive explosion of chocolate, coffee, liquorice and caramel flavours. And yep, folks, that is 10.4% ABV so consider yourselves warned!

If chocolate just ain’t your thing and  everyone around you is on a massive sugar high while you are craving something salty or sour, then these will be more up your alley:

Nomad Brewing Freshie Salt n Pepper Gose    4.5%    Australia

The salted water used in Nomad’s Gose is straight from legendary “Freshie” on the Northern Beaches. In a classic Nomad twist, brewer Brooks Caretta has spiked it with Tasmanian mountain pepper. Coriander – the defining feature of a gose – is in the mix too and pale and wheat malts along with Williamette hops and a German ale yeast make for a bready aroma, a mild bitterness, and a deliciously refreshing salty and sour taste.

Rodenbach Grand Cru    6%    Belgium

Rodenbach Grand CruThis exceptional beer is actually a blend of 1/3 young beer and 2/3 beer that has been aged for 2 years in large oak vats. The blend and the age and the oak deliver a complex, vibrant beer – grand by name, grand by nature. Pouring a gorgeously ruddy red with a good foamy head, the aroma is fruity – not in a light, tropical way but in a dense, rich, way. Think currants and cherries with vinous, oaky accents, and a tantalising combination of sweet malts and acidic sours. The aromas keep giving in the flavours and the lively carbonation means that the bracingly sour taste really buzzes on the tongue. Taut and tart, this beer takes “refreshing” to whole new levels.

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose    4.2%    USA

Just like a traditional gose, Anderson Valley’s Gose is a wheat ale brewed with lactobacillus which gives it that deliciously sour taste. It’s the addition of blood oranges during fermentation that really sets this one apart with bright citrus flavours complemented by coriander and the subtle saline taste of the salted brewing water. The blood orange is immediately noticeable in the aroma and you’ll enjoy it all the way through to the last drop. After a week of endless milk chocolate eggs, this tangy, tart brew is just the thing to restore balance.

If you still like your treats wrapped in silver but can’t cope with peeling the foil of yet another one of those tiny chocolate eggs, then give these canned ales a go. Shiny and pretty but without the whole fiddly unwrapping process:

Hope Brewhouse XPA    4.7%    Australia

This extra pale ale has plenty going on with stacks of tropical fruit, citrus, toffee and malt flavours and aromas. Bolder than an APA but a bit more sessionable than your average IPA, we are loving the solid hoppy bitterness of this XPA and the fact that it comes in one of the coolest, sleekest cans around just makes the whole experience that much better.

Doctors Orders Tonic    4.5%    Australia

Doctors-orders-tonicAlong with the classic witbier flavours of orange peel and coriander, keep your taste buds alert for juniper berries, and lemon myrtle. Doctors Orders suggests adding a shot of your favourite gin to this one but we’re enjoying straight up as a delicious session brew and admiring the can as we do.

Sixpoint Sweet Action Cream Ale    5.2%    USA

Love the Sixpoint cans which look like slim little pocket rockets of awesome brew. This one is more floral than the flower display at the Easter Show and it’s backed with a lovely sweetness. There’s a biscuity flavour that’s cut short by a balancing bitter at the back end of the brew. 

Whatever your preference is, craft beer is giving the Easter Bunny a run for its money.

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