Cam's top beers for post City to Surf recovery

Cam's top beers for post City to Surf recovery

Love it or hate it, the City to Surf is an iconic Sydney event and its finish line, spiritual home, and celebratory centre is of course Bondi Beach. If you’re running it (show-offs), walking it (good for you!), avoiding it (where’s your community spirit?!), or cheering from the sidelines (my preferred option), you will need to recover from the excitement and dehydration with a series of high quality beverages which are designed to replace all the essential fluids and electrolytes you lost while running, skipping, cheering, or being a crankypants killjoy. Yep, we’re talking craft beer. So put down that Gatorade and get yourself to a local friend’s backyard for some serious stretching and sipping. A little planning ahead (i.e. said friend has brews in fridge ready to distribute to exhausted competitors and enthusiastic cheer squad) will make everything run a little more smoothly.

Start with an excellent lager like the Deschutes Pacific Wonderland to quench that serious thirst. Bright, light citrus, floral and herb flavours make for a few easy initial gulps but remember to pace yourself – you’ve got the whole of Sunday afternoon to get through (and, if you’re lucky, a “sickie” on Monday to recover).

Mountain Goat Summer AleYou might want to move on to something equally refreshing like Mountain Goat’s Summer Ale because at this stage you are still a stinky, sweaty mess with a dry throat and very sore calf muscles. With stacks of Montueka and Nelson Sauvin hops, this one will have you uttering a big old “ahhhhhhhh” as you take another sip and find a sunny spot to relax in.

Hopefully by this point someone has got the bbq fired up and the trauma of heartbreak hill is starting to recede slightly. Get your hands on Murrays Angry Man Pale Ale which balances toffee and caramel malt flavours with a good hit of assertive hop bitterness. It’s enough to get you back on your feet and lining up for a snag on a roll which we guarantee will taste like the best food you’ve ever had in your life.

Pirate Life IPAThe Pirate Life IPA has great fresh, fruity flavours and an ABV that will hit the spot nicely at this point without knocking you out cold. Someone’s probably appeared with hot chips or pizza by now and there’s no need to hold back – if there is one day you’re entitled to some greasy carbs, it’s today. And you’ve got the best craft brews to wash them down with.

If you’ve got your second wind and want to step it up a bit, go for a Social Bandit Delinquent IPA. This robust IPA has got stacks of pine hop flavour, a good malt backbone and some citrus and passionfruit notes. At this point, you reckon you could probably run the bloody thing again tomorrow, no worries.

Brooklyn Brown AleOr else you’re fading and it’s time to go mellow with Brooklyn Brewer’s Brown Ale which has plenty of creamy, nutty, toffee malt and enough hop bitterness to keep you from closing your eyes altogether and dreaming about how much better you’ll train for next year, how much faster you’ll run, how glorious you.... zzzzzz

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