5 reasons why a craft beer box is the ultimate 30th birthday gift for your best mate

5 reasons why a craft beer box is the ultimate 30th birthday gift for your best mate

If you are looking for a 30th birthday gift for a mate, then you’ve just found it – buy a craft beer gift box or craft beer club subscription for his 30th birthday and enjoy immediate ascendancy to most treasured friend ever.

Five reasons why a craft beer gift box should be your go-to 30th birthday present:

  1. It’s awesome. A selection of some of the finest craft brews around, delivered to their door? What’s not to like?!
  2. It’s an appropriate marker of their transformation from rowdy youth to sophisticated grown up. Ok, ok. “Sophisticated grown up” might be overstating it. But exiting your 20s is a momentous event, and, even if your mate is still a total man child, craft beer at leaves gives the impression that he has matured into a slightly more discerning and stylish adult. The days of cheap bottles of rotgut tequila are over. Get him hooked on perfectly brewed hops and watch him flourish into something resembling a fully developed man. Like these guys. They’ve figured it out. And I bet it took a few scotch ales along the way.
  3. It’s easy. Ok, this might not be the noblest reason to choose a 30th birthday gift for a mate but the fact is it’s true. With a couple of clicks, you’ve ordered your friend what will no doubt be the best gift they receive and you’ve barely had to lift a finger.
  4. It’s cool. Craft beer is seen the beating pulse of contemporary hipster culture. And don’t go rolling your eyes and making sarcastic comments about man buns and beards. The fact is, everyone wants in and craft beer is a great way to get there. What you’ll figure out along the way though, is that craft beer is actually very democratic. You and your mate don’t have to look like this in order to get in on the act. No way. All you have to do is enjoy the occasional IPA or gose or saison and let the associated coolness wash over you.
  5. Craft beer is the perfect 30th birthday gift for your mate because he deserves it. He’s put up with you for all these years, right? Just take a moment to reflect on that. I bet all kinds of memories come flooding in. There’s no need to tear up or anything. Just show your love with brews and one of those awkward man hugs, and say a toast to the next 30 years of friendship over a line up of some of the finest craft beers we have on offer.

Choose a gift box from this excellent line up which includes everything from a box for sports nuts to a box for IPA lovers to a box for surfer dudes. Add some very cool beer glasses to complete the picture or go for maximum man love with a craft beer club subscription here.

Then all that’s left to do is sing happy birthday and let the good times roll.

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